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Clarks Clerks is a family-owned business based in southern NSW and operating worldwide through the Internet.

Eileen Clark runs the business, with other Clarks and clerks. Eileen holds qualifications in sociology, psychology, social policy and environmental management. She worked for twenty years as a university lecturer in health sciences and has published over 40 academic papers.

Eileen has been passionate about writing since her first days at school. She is a writer and teacher with an eye for detail and a love of simple elegant expression.

Like many people who live in country towns, Eileen has had a long involvement with community and volunteer activities. At different times she has been a member of parents' groups, women's organisations and environment groups. She does volunteer work in national parks and she is currently Secretary of The Australian Sociological Association.

When she is not working, Eileen relaxes at home by doing crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. In her spare time she loves to go bushwalking (hiking) or cross-country skiing in the Alpine National Park.